Aspen Nightlife Theatre in the Park

Founded in 1983 by Kent Reed, Theatre in the Park
has become an Aspen tradition that adds to the
delight of Aspen nightlife. Theatre in the Park once
actually was theatre that was performed in a tent in
the park. Now, however, Theatre in the Park has
changed its name to Theatre Aspen, and a new
permanent structure is in development. This will
allow Theatre in the Park to hold year-round
performances, instead of summer-only performances.

Contemporary and classical plays are all presented
by the theatre. If you are in Aspen around Christmas
time, make sure that you see the theatre’s
presentation of “Its A Wonderful Life.” As a summer-
only venue, sixty shows are performed each year.
Once the company has its permanent structure, we
can expect many more each year.

The Theatre Aspen also has many training programs
for adults and children. Currently, performances are
held between June and August. The Theatre in the
Park is located in the Rio Grande Park. Heat is
provided on chilly nights, and there is an area to enjoy
cocktails during intermissions, as well as before and
after performances.