Aspen Nightlife – Syzygy

Syzygy, which is located on East Hyman Avenue in
Aspen, Colorado, has repeatedly won awards for
being one of the best restaurants in this ski town.
Featuring outstanding jazz music and food that is
out of this world, Syzygy is the place to be when it
comes to Aspen nightlife and fine dining. This is an
Aspen landmark that is not to be missed.

The chef at Syzygy combines European and Asian
dishes, and presents them in a modern American
way. These combinations are what set the cuisine
at Syzygy apart from the food you find at most
restaurants. Along with this outstanding fare, you
can select wine from a list of over 300 Italian,
American, and French wines. If you aren’t sure
which wine will work with the fine food you have
ordered – simply ask your waiter. They always
seem to know exactly which wine will enhance the
flavor of the food the best.

One of the nice touches about the service at
Syzygy’s is that the Chef likes to send gifts to the
table, such as goat cheese, potato crisps, and
osemary bread. Syzygy is famous for their
atmosphere as well. The glass enclosed waterfalls
inside the restaurant are talked about all over the
world – and they are really something to see! Every
part of the interior of this Aspen landmark works
well together to create a mood that makes the
food, the wine, the music, and the company
absolutely enjoyable.

You may be overwhelmed with all of the wonderful
menu choices, and all of the delicious smells
coming from nearby tables. You may not be able to
make a choice! Syzygy’s has you covered. Simply
order the Tasting Menu, and sample everything.
Enjoy the music while you are eating – and after
your meal as well. Some of the finest jazz artists in
the world have performed at Syzygy’s. Call ahead
to find out who will be performing – you will be glad
that you did.

Syzygy’s is closed on Monday’s and Tuesdays
during the off-season. During the season, they are
open from 6pm to 10pm each day, and you should
definitely call ahead for a reservation. Remember,
this is an integral part of experiencing Aspen
nightlife, so make sure you get by Syzygy’s at
least once while you are in Aspen – the chances
are very good that your first visit will not be your
last! If possible, try to make it to the Sunday Jazz