routine with healthy eating

When we enter junior high-school, life fitness becomes an emphasis of physical education programs. While some may reject the fit and healthy way of life, others dedicate themselves to a long life-span and a healthy body. Life fitness is not simply an exercise routine that you perform for half an hour a day. It is an entire way of life. Every active moment of the day presents an opportunity to promote life fitness. It doesn’t need to be excruciating or unpleasant. As a matter of fact, many people find this pursuit fun and even exhilarating.

As you know, at least half an hour of daily exercise is recommended. But once you’ve finished the sit-ups, or got off the treadmill, there are still hundreds of ways that you can practice life fitness. However, exercise is only half of it. Eating properly is an important part of a good life fitness program. Morning routines are also known to promote good health by giving your body a healthy start to your day.

When you first wake up, do some stretching. Not just the regular yawn-and-roll over stretching. Stretch out every part of your body. Legs, arms, and midsection should all get a moderate yoga-like stretching each day.

At breakfast, choose foods that are low in calories, protein-packed, and brimming with energy and nutrients. Skip the eggs, bacon, sausage and toast, and instead, go for a high nutrient cereal. You can add fruits like bananas and strawberries, and top it all off with your favorite flavor of yogurt.

Now you’re nourished and ready to attack the second aspect of your life fitness goal. Strengthening your muscles is essential to a good long life. As we age, our muscles can deteriorate, unless you take precautions now. For lots of strength and vigor in your older years, do toning exercises now. These can be done anywhere. Simply tightening and relaxing muscles works wonders. For each repetition, hold the muscle taut and steady for ten seconds, and then relax it. Repeat for as long as you can, but don’t hurt yourself.

If you live in a building with stairs, use them instead of taking the elevator. The same goes for the work place. Of course, you’ll probably only want to do this on the way home, because a stinky sweat can be quickly worked up, particularly if you’re on the 15th floor.

The same principle applies to getting to work. Many people who practice life fitness own bicycles, which they use for regular transportation to work.

As long as you develop a routine with healthy eating and exercise habits, life fitness will become second nature. The morning stretch, followed by a healthy breakfast will tide you over during the day. During this time, use every opportunity to tone muscles, or get a little more exercise. Walking stairs and riding bicycles in place of the lazier choices will put you on the path to life fitness.