Learning About Health In The Garden

Healthy Plants don’t get disease. The same goes for the Human Body.

Healthy soil feeds the plants. Just like the body, if the plants get the right nutrients, they will be able to fight off any disease.

When you treat a disease with a chemical, you may kill the disease, but the underlying condition that created the weakness, allowing the disease, is most likely still present. It will just manifest itself as another disease or symptom.

When you create health through nutrition, the plant will become strong and its immune system, which is more capable and nuanced at fighting disease than any chemical, will eliminate the disease naturally. The plant is now using the disease-fighting mechanism that Mother Nature gave it and that science cannot recreate artificially.

Don’t forget that using chemicals comes with many health hazards for you, the microorganisms in the soil, and the wildlife.

Microorganisms in the soil, in the human body and in all of life are so very critical for health.

Why are the good bacteria important?

* Healthy bacteria are essential for any type of immune system to be strong and fight off disease and infection.

* Healthy bacteria are essential for delivering life sustaining
nutrients to all forms of life, including our horticulture.

* Healthy bacteria are the first step to absorbing essential nutrients.

* Healthy bacteria aid in the defense of pests and fungal attacks
without the use of any chemicals.

An organic, biodynamic plant food preparation, cultured or fermented to contain microorganisms, is wonderful for restoring the nutrients in the soil and feeding the earthworms that help keep the soil healthy.

In the human body, cultured or fermented foods and liquids are the best way to restore healthy bacteria to the colon because they can actually pass through all the acids of digestion and get to the colon still active. These types of foods are more effective at restoring the microflora which is the first line of defense for our immune systems.

I love the garden and Mother Nature. It is so ancient and wise and has many gifts to give us if we just listen and watch. It makes sense and if you listen to your intuition, you will know that it is true.

What I have just told you is how I learned to recreate health for myself. I had been ill with mercury toxicity and resulting immune dysfunction, candida, chemical sensitivities and allergies for over 10 years. I implemented this theory and have regained my health and the health of the plants in my garden without the use of chemicals or drugs or expensive medical procedures. And we continue to grow stronger every day.

Nature provides the tools we need. Trust your intuition.