L Arginine Amino Acid

Many people have included physical exercise as part of their daily routine. Medical studies show that a fit body can handle the stress of everyday life and may help maintain both physical and mental health. To achieve a fit body, individuals should include regular exercise and nutritious diets. Nutrition involves the consumption of proper vitamins and minerals that the body needs. Some people may not be able to incorporate these nutrients in the food they eat and turn to food supplements to take care of nutrient deficiencies. One of the most used supplements today is L-Arginine, an amino acid that is said to provide numerous benefits for the body. Medical researchers are learning more about the safe dosages of this amino acid and what it can do for people who want to improve their health and fitness.

L-Arginine is used to promote the production of nitric oxide, a compound in the body that relaxes the blood vessels. Atherosclerosis (disease affecting arterial blood vessels), erectile dysfunction, and leg cramps. This amino acid is also involved in the formation of proteins. In larger dosages, L-Arginine may stimulate the release of growth hormones and prolactin, a hormone associated with lactation.

L-Arginine may be used as a blood thinner and may stop the blood from clotting. This compound may improve blood flow to and from the heart and reduce excess cholesterol. L-Arginine may also preserve the elasticity of blood vessels because of its antioxidant properties. Patients with early stages of heart disease that are administered with L-Arginine prevents the disease from worsening and helps relieve back pain.

Erectile dysfunction is another ailment that can be treated with L-Arginine. Like sildenafil citrate, this amino acid is thought to improve the action of nitric oxide which relaxes the muscles surrounding the blood vessels that supplies the penis. Because of this, the blood vessels dilate and increase the blood flow which aids in maintaining an erection. Recent studies support the use of L-Arginine supplements to ensure that sufficient production of nitric oxide flow in the penis.

Individuals who want to build muscle mass may use L-Arginine to aid them in their body-building goals. It is essential in muscle development because it increases blood flow and delivers more nutrients to the muscle cells. This development may help the muscles to grow during the recovery stage. In addition, L-Arginine may reduce muscle inflammation one it have been exposed to excessive stress. It can also boost human growth hormone levels within the body and promote fat burning.

Other health benefits of l-arginine may include the following:

• It aids in the synthesis of proteins, and thus body mass;

• As a vasodilator, it will aid in the rapid growth of muscle; and

• It will help improve the functions of the immune system.

As with other types of supplement, L-Arginine should be used with caution. This means a doctor’s approval is necessary before taking this drug. Instructions about dosage and frequency should be followed carefully. As long as L-Arginine is taken with care, people taking this amino acid can greatly enhance their health and over-all feelings of wellness.