Improve Your Health Through Colon Therapy

Are you a junk food freak or a die hard fan of soft drinks? Or do you prefer a diet rich in fat and red meat but low in fiber? Are you a workaholic who finds no time for sweating out? Or are you a person who has a family history of bad colon? If you happen to fall in any one of these categories, be cautious– there is every possibility of your developing a colorectal cancer!

Well, it was not my intention to upset you or scare you. The objective of this article is to draw your attention to the truths of modern living where we ourselves are responsible for inviting such curses as colon cancer. Now that the holistic approach of modern medical science puts so much emphasis on maintaining a healthy colon, as a toxic colon is where most diseases originate, we are well aware of the value of a healthy lifestyle. But a simple and hygienic lifestyle is not all. Just like we take so much trouble in cleaning our outer body, the same way we have to go for a periodic cleansing and detoxification of the internal organs to keep our system free from toxin build up. And this is precisely what a colon therapy tries to accomplish.

You can rarely find a person who never in his or her life has taken the enema to relive himself from the bout of constipation. It helps to force out the bowels that are not coming out naturally for a prolonged period, say five to seven days. In these cases enema becomes helpful to clear the fecal matters clogged in the lower portion of colon. Colon therapy is basically similar to enema application, only works more thoroughly in flushing out the colon, or large intestine by cleansing a larger area that is nearly five feet in length. In the process the entire colon tract is cleared of the toxins, fecal wastes and bacteria that eventually clog the internal walls of colon.

Colon therapy is a simple procedure in which a disposable plastic tube is inserted through the rectum and through this tube a specific amount of purified water is gently fused into your colon. A machine or pump is used to supply the fluid into colon. An abdominal massage is also the part of the therapy, as it helps to dislodge the impacted feculent matters from the colon. After the flushing, the pump of the machine is reversed and the wastes are sucked back through the same tube through which water reached the colon. The therapy requires to be repeated for more than one sessions and each session lasts for up to sixty minutes.

Colon therapy brings you immense health benefits. In addition to improving the general health of the colon by detoxifying the organ, it also stimulates the growth of helpful bacteria residing in the colon. You get rid of the typical symptoms of colon dysfunctions like constipation, indigestion or fatigue through a colon therapy. Generally the people who have undergone this procedure are reported to feel more energetic and lighter. You also have every possibility of getting back the glow of your skin.

So make it a point to find out time for undergoing colon therapy at regular intervals, as suggested by your physician and live a life happier and healthier.