Importing Jewelry Wholesale

If you are considering importing jewelry wholesale,
you might want to see what your other options are.
When jewelry is imported, there are additional
costs, such as high shipping costs, that you may
not be prepared to pay. There are also other issues
to consider as well.

Customs is a major issue, because some materials
that come from endangered animals are outlawed in
the United States – ivory for example. When
importing jewelry, you need to be sure that all of
the materials that make up the jewelry can be
legally imported.

The possibility of not getting what you paid for is
another consideration that you must think about. If
you order from someone outside of the United
States – where the United States has no legal
jurisdiction – there won’t be anything you can do if
you are ripped off. If you are importing jewelry
wholesale, make sure that you are dealing with a
reputable company.

Usually, if you can find the same pieces of jewelry
for sale in the United States, at a slightly higher
cost, you will be better off making your purchase in
the US. By the time you add shipping to the
imported jewelry, it will probably cost more.
However, there are many pieces that can only be
found in other countries.