Importance Of A Healthy Diet

Is sleeplessness bothering you? What about the difficulty to loose weight despite hardest efforts? Or is your hair line receding faster than what it had taken your father? Well, ever wondered why this was so? Scientists and dieticians of this world are arguing that this is and many other hosts of similar problems are connected to our diet!

Modern food is unfortunately not without harmful chemicals used either for growing vegetables, preserving or cooking (flavonoids). Many dietary problems like indigestion and ulcer are frequent in people who have to depend on chemically treated food. In this background, the new school of theory which is gaining moment is eating whole and natural food. Meat and vegetables without preservatives, buying fresh and raw milk from vendors directly and fresh fruits are some of them.

Having said this, it doesn’t diminish the importance of daily intake of various nutrients and calories. Deficiency in any of them will gradually show up as trivial problem initially.

Let us see what USDA has recommended for the Americans. If you are taking less than 1,800 calories as a teen, you must raise it by at least 200 counts a day. The figure goes further up for an active man. Also calorie needs of women are different from that of men. Example, an 18-year male needs 400-800 extra calories than women. What food gives these calories and how to calculate the calorific values? And what other nutrients make food balanced?

USDA has a chart (food guide pyramid) with suggestions to get these calories. You have to do some calculations to balance your diet.

o 5 servings of vegetables
o Four servings of fruits
o Three servings of milk products
o 11 of pasta, cereals, and bread
o Two to three servings of meat (both red and white), eggs, nuts and beans put together.
o Sparingly, fats and sweets.

As per USDA (US Department of Agriculture), one serving equals a bread slice; an ounce of cereal, ½ a cup cooked rice and veggies each, one glass juice-milk each and 2-3 ounces lean meat, 1½ cups boiled beans

Diet must not be seen in a limited context. Diet is a generic word so you have diets that suit patients too. The secret is eating as much as needed your body would absorb. Keeping a balance diet since young is important if you want to live to old age. It could save you a substantial savings on medical bills!