How to Find Birthstones

Many of the jewelry wholesale pieces that you
make will include birthstones, and purchasing
birthstones is not always cheap. Therefore, you will
need to find jewelry wholesale sources for
birthstones that you can afford.

Everyone loves jewelry with their birthstones in it.
This type of jewelry makes perfect birthday gifts, as
well as Christmas gifts. Some birthstones, such
as opals, are quite inexpensive, while others, such
as emeralds, rubies, and diamonds are very

One option is to purchase simulated stones. These
stones are not real, and it is important that your
customer be made aware of this. However, some
customers will want the real deal! Again, you need
a source for real birthstones.

The Internet is the perfect place to find birthstones.
There are numerous jewelry wholesale outlets that
do business online. Because there are so many,
prices are usually rock bottom. Make sure that you
make sure any company that you do business with
is legitimate, and that the gems you buy are quality

Also make sure that you know exactly which stone
is required in the piece that you are making. Each
month actually has different gems that represent it,
depending on which tradition you are following.
Verify the exact stone that is wished for with the
client before making a purchase!