How to Clean Jewelry Wholesale

There are many different brands of jewelry cleaners
on the market today. Depending on how your
jewelry is made, these products may or may not be
safe for your jewelry wholesale! Before using
jewelry cleaner, take a good long look at the jewelry
and try to determine what it is made of.

First, any jewelry that has pieces glued on should
not be soaked in jewelry cleaner. Instead, use a
little Woolite mixed with water, and soak the piece
for just a couple of minutes. Remove the piece from
the mixture and dry it immediately – but gently –
with a soft cloth. Use a soft toothbrush to gently
scrub small crevices.

Avoid soaking pearls! They may come from the
ocean – but water from your tap may damage them.
Simply wipe the pearl with a damp cloth, then use
a polishing cloth to give it back its shine. Never
soak any of your jewelry overnight. It isn’t
necessary, and it may harm the jewelry wholesale.
Again, it is important to know what gems are used
in your jewelry, and how the piece was constructed
before determining how you will clean it.