Golf Fitness Training

How many of you have read, “It’s Not About The Bike” by Lance Armstrong? What we learned about Lance’s life is that his mission is all about survival, digging deep from within, honoring your goals and commitments, and following your dreams in spite of the often difficult road to the top.

Following an interview I did recently with Annika Sorenstam’s trainer, he made me think about golf fitness training at the elite level and what it was really about. That is when it hit me, “it’s not about the bicep curl”. You see the bicep curl is one of many vehicles to display strength to a specific part of the front of your arm. It is a vehicle in the same way that the bike was the vehicle for Lance Armstrong to show his dedication, intensity, desire to win, and tremendous fortitude.

So, if it is not about the bicep curl, then what is it about? It is about setting up to perform the exercise. It is about feeling the ground beneath you providing a solid base of support, as in golf. It’s about making sure that your posture is correct so you don’t place stress on your body unnecessarily. It’s about engaging your abdominal muscles so that your low back is protected when your body begins to move. It’s about knowing which part of your body has responsibility for stability while the other body parts are producing force. The bicep curl is also about understanding that strength not only comes from those body parts, but a much deeper resource like your brain sending positive thoughts and messages throughout the movement like “I know you can do two more and feel the strength from within” instead of “I’ve never liked this exercise, I feel weak when I lift”.

Are you with me? The bicep curl like every other exercise we do is about all of the elements that come together to develop true strength. These same elements are used when we set up for our golf swing knowing which part of our body is taking care of stability while the other parts are producing movement.

You see, in the end, the golf swing is not about the swing anymore than the bicep curl is about growing that popular section of the arm. Golf is about learning what to feel with your body and mind and letting the swing happen as a result.

Next time you go to the gym or perform those exercises at home, remember this. It’s not about the equipment. Fully engage your mind, your body and your attention to all of the details that come along with it. This should make a big difference in your results!