Giving Women A Break

More and more women are now taking center stage and carving their own niche in the business industry. Unlike before, women are now accepted and expected to perform well outside the confines of the home. More than just raising children and taking care of domestic chores, women are empowered to pursue their own dreams and prove themselves as being capable of succeeding in endeavors that were traditionally reserved for men. Today, many women are able to engage in various activities based on the career or lifestyle they choose. They are no longer “caged” in the house, consigned to wait for the husband’s arrival from work and to taking care of every need and want of their children. In almost every endeavor and discipline — in government, business, the academe, and other important fields of work — one can find women of stature and significance.

Still, even if it is quite unfair, women still do most of the work at home. Apart from their day job, they still face the challenge of balancing and fixing their schedule in order to accommodate the children and the husband, not to mention her relatives and friends. Aside from doing domestic chores, a career woman is also expected to attend her children’s school activities; do the laundry, clean the house, balance the family budget, do the marketing, and all other errands in between.

Given their hectic work schedules and the ever-present demands at home, it is no surprise that many women are tired and stressed out. A typical working woman with a family spends her morning preparing lunch meals for the children, doing fast errands, and preparing for work—all in a span of an hour. The career and home “juggling act”, therefore, makes a woman’s health a very serious issue that cannot be neglected.

In dealing with a woman’s health, it is essential to know what would be good and bad in terms of food consumption, exercise, leisure and relaxation. Not all women have the time to go the spa and have a massage. Not all women have the time or funds to travel to take a nice vacation or spend time in some tropical beach resort. For many busy women, taking time for relaxation is now a luxury they cannot afford to take.

Still, there are simple ways for women to get relaxation without letting down their family or risking their career. Women can feel relaxed by finding comfort in religion or spirituality. By simply praying and asking for God’s help and guidance, this will somehow affect how women see things, and would make them somehow relieved from daily stress. Another approach to relaxation is for women is to try and forget grudges, and forgive those who have made mistakes. Studies have shown that having a forgiving attitude helps lower a woman’s blood pressure which is beneficial for their health. A peaceful bedtime habit will also lessen the feelings of stress. A good hot shower and a soothing bath scent will give relaxation in no time. Vacations can also help in providing relaxation for busy women. A simple special happening in the community can make her forget about all stressful situations on work, relationships, and money-related issues. Women are drawn to the soothing relaxation powers of scented candles. A bubble bath with sage or sandalwood scents will do the trick, especially while listening to relaxing sounds or reading a good book. After work, women can lighten up their mood by relaxing for a few minutes before setting up dinner. Playing a soothing CD while doing chores can be helpful in fighting stress. As a woman, it is also beneficial to experience good sex since this is a stress reliever in itself, making her feel a whole lot better afterwards. All these simple ways to relax at home can do wonders for a woman’s health. By doing simple home stress relievers, women can recharge and achieve more at home and in the office.