Freshstartprotein announces a new bariatric protein drink

Everyone needs protein for a healthy body and for muscle growth. In fact people who go the gym need a reliable protein supplement before or after exercise. There are hundreds of protein supplements available in the market today but Fresh Start is the first specifically created for the lap band, bariatric, and gastric bypass patient.

The product was invented by a well known lap band surgeon after several years of research. The result was a protein supplement that is perfect for lap band and bariatric patients. Fresh Start is available in Blueberry flavor. Everyone agrees the product tastes great. The product is highly recommended after gastric bypass or bariatric surgery. As the name suggests, Fresh Start helps you make a Fresh Start on your new life. Along with protein, the product also contains Vitamin B for and energy boost. In addition to the gastric bypass, the product is also widely used by lap band patients.

The case of twelve 2.8 fl. Oz. bottles of Fresh Start costs about $36 and you can order it directly from Freshstartprotein. The product is highly recommended by doctors as it provides instant energy to the patient after the surgery. Fresh Start can also be consumed by anyone wishing to boost his strength and stamina. As mentioned before, people have fallen in love with the taste of Fresh Start, though it is available only in Blackberry flavor currently. Freshstartprotein will soon come out with two new flavors which are Orange Creamsicle and Fruit Punch. Soon people will have more choice when it comes to having the best tastting protein supplement in the world.

The product is specially recommended by doctors for pre operation as well as post operation lap band, bariatric, and gastric bypass procedures. The formulation of the product promotes the healing process. Fresh Start is also recommended by dieticians to maintain proper weight. You can simply order the product by adding it to your shopping cart and paying online for it. Once you pay for the product, your order will be processed and the product will be delivered to your house within a few days. Fresh Start does not have any side effects and can be consumed by anyone. It is in fact one of the safest products available in the market today.

Hence if you are looking for a bariatric, lap band, or a gastric bypass protein supplement then you should definitely try a Fresh Start.