Aspen Center for Environmental Studies

Aspen Nightlife isn’t always about music and
dancing. The Aspen Center for Environmental
Studies is a great place to go at night! There
are many planned activities related to
environmental studies, and you shouldn’t miss
the weekly Potbelly Perspective Series.

The Potbelly Perspective Series takes place
one night each week, usually starting about 7pm.
This is a lecture series presented by local
people, as well as visiting guests. Adventures,
pictures and stories are presented that are very
interesting to anyone who has a love of nature
or the environment. This series is not only
interesting; it is also a very inexpensive way to
spend an evening. Admission for adults is only

Naturalist’s nights are also offered once each
week. Here, you will learn facts about the
natural world, and issues concerning the
natural world. With expert speakers, many
topics are covered, and these nights are planned
in advance. This is a wonderful learning
experience, and a great way to spend an evening
in Aspen.

Many daytime programs are also offered
through the Aspen Center for Environmental
Studies, including ski tours and snowshoe tours.
Call ahead to find out what events are planned,
and to make reservations as necessary.