Acne Scars Treat Them At Home With Tretnoin

Acne scars why do they form?

When we get acne many times it resolves without getting infected. This kind of acne leaves hyper pigmentation that fades over a time. When acne becomes infected, it spreads deeper inside and damages the collagen in the dermal layer. As the inflammation increases, more of skin tissues are killed and when the acne gets treated, it leaves a scar, which is normally a deep scar. The depth depends upon the damage done by acne, which depends upon it’s severity.

Acne scar treatment option-

If the scar is deep, you may have to get deep or medium depth chemical peeling done. Laser is another option while dermabrasion is also effective. Your doctor will decide about how to remove such deep scars because some filler may also be needed to fill the scarred skin. If the scar is not deep, you can do superficial peeling with tretinoin at home.

Superficial acne scars and tretinoin-

Tretinoin peels the upper layer of the skin. By repeated application, your mild superficial scar will become less prominent. You have the option of using an OTC product or a prescription product. Please consult your doctor about that. Along with treating mild scars tretinoin also removes dead skin cells and removes superficial age lines and spots.

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