Acne Remedy

There are over 50 million people in America alone who suffer from this image debilitating skin disorder known as acne but I am glad to say, that estimate has lost a count and it is my hope that many more will find success at being excluded from that list.

I suffered from acne for over a decade of my life and this lingered way into adulthood, thus it wasn’t just a “puberty thing”. Imagine not being able to look in the mirror with ease, having to look down when speaking to people, hating to take photos and hang out with friends and family, all because of one crises: Acne.

Well, not anymore, I’ve been successful at getting rid of my pimples with simple methods and the aim of this article is to show acne sufferers how to achieve similar results naturally and in about a week…or less!

Believe me, I tried the famous acne remedy product on TV that I’m sure every and any acne patient has heard of and probably tried to no avail. I even went as far as considering plastic surgery, that’s how desperate I was but as the saying goes: “The best things in life are FREE…even when it comes to an acne remedy.”

Characterized by bumps, excessively oily or dry skin, spots and embarrassing eruptions, acne remains a terrible skin disorder that sadly permits for exploitation from the many marketers and charlatans out to make a fast buck on the expense of the vulnerable.
Even the so called natural approaches of acne treatment aimed at treating acne from within, are unrealistic, impractical and often pricey or are just the same one-dimensional gimmick cures disguised as holistic solutions.

That said I will now outline the natural, common sense, and very inexpensive methods for a successful acne remedy naturally.


First and foremost, for not just overcoming this skin disorder, but for your all around health, you have to seriously consider making a change in your diet. “You are what you eat.” If your diet consists of only junk and fast foods, you are only wreaking havoc on your entire system of visceral organs ranging from the digestive tract to the excretory organs. That said; make it a point to adhere to eating what has been coined in the drugless fraternity as “the Mucus-Less/Alkaline Diet” which is made up of mostly Organic Seasonal Fruits, Fruit, Root and Leafy vegetables and as needed pure filtered water.

Not only will this simple change in diet make for a clearer and smoother skin, it will also give the added benefit of improved health and overall wellness. A basic format for a suggested diet regimen when using the components listed above will be in the next installment of “Acne Remedy: what worked for my acne was the drug-free way”

Foras Aje is an independent researcher and author of Fitness: Inside and out, a book on improving physical and mental health naturally. For more information on acne treatment visit

With over 50 Million people suffering from acne, it is no wonder a successful treatment of this skin disorder is constantly searched for. It is also why the acne treatment industry is a multi-million dollar industry at the expense of acne sufferers. What if you were to find out the best acne remedy indeed is very inexpensive and drug-free. Well it is.